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Motherhood 101: Kids Will Put Anything In Their Mouths

All first-time parents can relate to the never-ending, panic-inducing task of sterilizing their baby's bottles. All. Day. Long. Seriously, the lengths we go to keep our eldest kids safe, ensuring that every piece of feeding equipment has been washed with hot water, soaked in bleach, and then washed in more hot water. Just in case we missed a microbe of dirt. Our hands may be scalded and raw, but we'll do anything to keep our babies protected, right?

Meanwhile, our little angels sit there eating trash out of the garbage, picking up bits of dirt from the floor, and putting anything and everything they can find in their mouths. I mean, what is the point?! And so, when it comes to our second child, quite frankly, they can eat whatever they want, from wherever they want. And sterilization can f*ck right off!

funny video of mom sterilizing all baby bottles and baby eating dirt anyway
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