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People Reveal Most 'Out Of Touch With Reality' Moments They Witnessed In Others

We all know someone who lives in their own little world; the person who thinks that the universe revolves around them and their needs. You know the type. They're pretty annoying and difficult to be around. Whether they are super rich with no concept of the value of money, or they think they can behave however they like towards others, some people are seriously out of touch with reality. People on Reddit are sharing the most severe cases of this as seen in other people the responses are pretty shocking. How do some people get off?! Read on and be amazed!

askreddit people reality delusional out of touch crazy | stormy-darklordofall 13.3k points 2 days ago Had friend who insisted she relationship with C-list celebrity whom she met once during comic convention. All celebrity's Instagram and twitter posts were her and everything had meaning behind celebrity got married, she said just media so she and celebrity could live quiet life he didn't do anything her birthday, she had breakdown. She went therapy not long after.
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