Artist Creates Realistic Images Of Celebrities Looking Like Ordinary People

We're used to seeing celebrities looking perfect. expecting them to be flawless - after all, they have budgets of millions of dollars to help them do so. And whenever a celebrity dares to venture out their house without makeup, like a gasp ordinary person, it sends the media into a frenzy and we lose our minds, shocked that they might not wake up looking like an Instagram filter. We treat celebrities like demi-gods and New York City-based artist and writer Danny Evans wanted to draw attention to the unrealistic standards of perfection, that we hold them to.

He started Planet Hiltron, photoshopping pictures of Hollywood celebrities to give us a glimpse of what they would look like as ordinary people. His talent is incredible and makes it clear that with enough money, anyone could look like a Hollywood celeb! Check out some of his masterpieces below. 

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