19 Dank Memes That Might Put The Kick Back In Your Step

No reason to mope around the rest of the day! 

These dank memes won't solve your depression, but they might help you forget about it for like 2 whole seconds. Though if you need to kill the pain altogether, these dank memes will definitely help you out. Sometimes you need a little boost to get you over a hump, out of a rut, funk, or whatever else you want to call it. People have come up with every solution under the sun, but few have looked to the one right in front of their eyes, memes. That's right. Dank memes have all sorts of wonderful properties and abilities to heal. If you're still a skeptic, try some of today's' spiciest dank memes and see for yourself. 

Dank memes from a variety of genres and cultural peaks, mainly consisting of Twitter posts.
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