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Surgeons Reveal Their "Oh Sh*t" Moments

When you go under the knife, you assume that the highly-skilled surgeons know exactly what they're doing once they cut you open. Of course, you hope that the margins for error are minimum and that you will wake up with all your body parts intact, as they should be (unless you're in a Saw movie). But even surgeons encounter "oh shit" moments, and Reddit's surgeons are revealing all their scary experiences where things almost took a drastic turn for the worst. If you have an upcoming surgery, this probably isn't for you.

stories from surgeons about that "oh shit" moments | seeing_red415 14.4k points 4 days ago doing corneal transplant had oh shit" moment. During surgery cut off patient's own cornea and replace with new donor cornea. During moment host cornea off but before could get new one on, there's literally nothing on front eye except tear film and aqueous humor. Anyway patient takes moment start vomiting reason tell everyone skip food and drink is so they don't aspirate case they throw up. This patient lie
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