Women On Twitter Inspires Others To Appreciate Their 'Before' Noses

In a world so focussed on external looks, social media, and "ideal" beauty standards, it isn't always easy to feel beautiful. While we should be embracing our "flaws" and "imperfections" — because that's what makes us unique — we live in a society that encourages us to photoshop the blemishes from our pictures and get surgery to fix anything that's less than perfect on our bodies. Although there's a growing movement to change these attitudes, there is a lot more that come be done. One woman's tweet about the shape of her nose looking like a "before" photo, but loving herself anyway, has gone viral and has inspired other women to comment on the same topic. Here are some of the beautiful replies from women who have learned to love the unique shape of their noses and embrace their bodies.

woman inspires nose twitter before after appreciation heartwarming beauty standards | holly @hollyhopkins 's okay if nose looks like all before" pictures <3 hated my nose sm much longest time and felt so insecure about but am learning life my side profile even if doesn't look like ideal" beauty standard | Irene Trepp Salinas @LucialreneTrepp Replying hollyhopkins My nose has been my biggest insecurity throughout my life. But now l'm starting love as well
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