Funny Mock Diaries Of What Celebrities Can't Say, But Wish They Could

Mock Diaries is the hilarious Instagram account filled with satirical celebrity interviews, text conversations and twitter threads that will make you howl. Ever wondered what Kylie Jenner really thinks about her wealth or the truth behind Lady Gaga's relationship? Look no further because these mock interviews dish out the dirt and make celebs seem that little bit more human. Here are some screenshots of the funniest interviews we found but the full versions can be found on the Mock Diaries website

mock diary celebrities satire instagram humor funny mocking interview | Brad Pitt @mockdiaries hadn't cried like, 20 years, and now find myself, at this latter stage, weeping every time my nuts get caught my zipper. | MD Kim Kardashian West @mockdiaries If Taylor is willing am ready move on drama and focus on world needs right now more than ever, my SKIMS shapewear.
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