Michaels’ Store Website Has Function To Chat With Other Shoppers: Funny Twitter Thread

Customer satisfaction is an essential component of any store's retention strategy. A necessary part of this is finding new and exciting ways to engage consumers and bring in new ones. Michaels, a chain of arts and craft stores based in the USA, has come up with a great approach to this by having a live chat feature on their homepage, which allows you to interact with other customers. Now I know what you're thinking; that seems pointless, right? Think again! A Twitter user discovered this exciting feature on the company's website and posted his findings to Twitter, together with some screenshots of the chat. His post quickly went viral, and thousands of customers began to try it out for themselves. We've put together some of the most hilarious and heartwarming conversations below. Would you use this feature on your regular store's website?

funny tweets of Michael's store website online chat function with customers
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