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Celebrity Photographer Accused of Asking Model for Nude Pics in Exchange for Free Photo Shoot

Yuck. However, this story just gets more muddy when you find out the details. 

Marcus Hyde, is photographer who got his big break after shooting Kim Kardashian. Since then, he's worked with a number of stars, including Ariana Grande, who has since spoken out about this incident. 

The light that lit the fuse comes from Instagram model, Sunnaya, who revealed some disturbing screenshots of her conversation with the photographer. In the screenshots (which you can see here via Sunnaya's Twitter), Marcus is offering Sunnaya a free photo shoot, ONLY if she sends him nudes. And if she wants the photo shoot without sending him nudes? It costs 2k. 

She refused and tried to call Hyde out on Instagram, but Instagram has reportedly flagged the screenshots as 'bullying' with each upload.

Frustrated, Sunnaya has taken to Twitter to share the screenshots, along with other dm's of various models who are sharing their stories about Marcus Hyde. 

Read their stories below:

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