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Mansplaining Memes To Explain To Your Male Friends

Riddle me this; what's one of the most infuriating things that men do? Ok, fine, it's not a trick question because every woman knows that the correct answer is "mansplaining," aka correctile dysfunction. Yes, almost every woman has had a man condescendingly explain something to them in a manner that suggests they can't possibly understand what he's talking about. And we're sick of it. F*ck. The. Patriarchy! Here are some mansplaining memes that you can send to men to explain how sick of mansplaining you are. Can we make 'womansplaining' a thing?

funny mansplaining memes for the women | thumbnail includes two memes Text - YOUR IDEA SOUNDS SO MUCH BETTER WHEN I REPHRASE IT. When someone tells me their unwanted opinion show me where i asked
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