Brutally Honest And Funny Kid Quotes Overheard By Teachers And Parents

'Out of the mouth of babes' is a painful reality for most parents. But one of the best things about kids is their ability to call it as they see it, often leading to innocent but brutally honest comments after making an observation or being asked a question. 

@livefromsnacktime is an Instagram account that documents these witticisms, started by NYC based Kindergarten teacher Alyssa Cowit. She believes that "children are honest and curious, and while often perplexed, they're brilliant – and that it's a teacher's job to take what children say seriously." Alyssa started the account — which now boasts 241k followers — "to help adults understand that children are not always acting outrageous to seek attention, but instead thinking out loud, soaking up new information, and solving problems 24/7!" 

Check out the hilarious questions and comments made by hers and other teacher's students, who also submit to the account.

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