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Parents Who Had Life Lessons They Taught Their Kids Backfire In Their Faces

Every parent tries their best to raise their kids as upstanding, law-abiding, and morally correct members of society. And most parents do an OK, to good-ish job, even though it's one of the most challenging tasks in the world. But teaching your kids about moral ethics and codes of conduct isn't always as straightforward as it sounds, which these parents learned the hard way. Commenting on a Reddit thread asking for the lessons parents tried teaching their kids that completely backfired, these stories are painfully relatable. Nothing burns more than a moral lesson biting you in the ass, especially by your kids. These stories of kids embarrassing their parents and totally missing the point of whatever lesson was trying to be taught; these examples are hilarious and painful at the same time.

parents who tried to teach their kids life lessons but it backfired | thumbnail Text - pedantic_dullard 611 points · 2 years ago As good people, we taught our kids that littering isn't nice. As humans, we also let some curse words fly in front of them. We were at our city's 4th of July celebration when the oldest was 4. We were walking around and someone tossed their trash on the ground. Captain Litterbug flew into action, picked up the trash and yelled, "Hey asshole, you dropped this," while t
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