My Dating Nightmare: Guy Bailed, Then Licked My Face ON PURPOSE

Dating can be fun — after all, meeting new people, discovering new places to eat, seeing the sites of your city are objectively all good things. But as we all know, dating can also be a total sh*tshow, and anyone who has navigated the world of online dating can attest to having to kiss many a weird/ creepy/ rude/ f*ckboy frog before finding their prince. But with each frog comes an entertaining story, and together with The Single Society, we bring you the latest tale of hilarious, horrible, and awkward real-life stories from women in New York City currently navigating the world of online dating.

story about bad online dating fails - cover image woman describes guy who tried to kiss her and then licked her face | "Craig went in for a kiss. I awkwardly turned my head. He came in for what I thought was another kiss...Then slowly ran his tongue right up my nose. I could feel his wet slobber drench my face."
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