Kids are Creepers Too


Parents Tweet About Their Kids' Creepy Imaginary Friends

Every parent wants their children to be as creative and curious as possible. After all, that's how they learn about the world. Kids don't usually use common sense, but rather their imagination, and don't get me wrong; it's a beautiful thing. But sometimes, especially when it comes to creating imaginary friends, things can get a little... creepy. Parents tweeting about the hilarious but bizarre imaginary friends their kids made up reveals how these 'friends' can have quite an impact on the rest of the family. Things went from cute to creepy real fast!

parents tweet about their kids creepy imaginary friends | thumbnail text - Beth Newell @bethnew Today my daughter told me one of her best friends is a dead girl named Hallie who hangs out at her daycare and hits her when she says bad words like "stupid." 3:46 AM · May 2, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 572 Retweets 296 Quote Tweets 17.2K Likes
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