Brutally Honest Tweets About Dating During A Global Pandemic

Before 2020 the biggest risk of dating was getting rejected, hurt, stood up, kidnapped etc etc. Today those are all still relevant fears, but on top of it, there's an even bigger risk. What was it called again? Oh yeah, the virus. 

If you're going to meet up with someone, it's not enough to stalk their socials beforehand and make sure they're kind of normal, you need to think long-term. Is this 5"7 stud with an aggressive calf tattoo worth potentially infecting my entire social circle? It's a tough one.

On the bright side, you don't have to feel bad at all for not getting any action this past year. You can say, "I'm just taking this virus very seriously," and that is totally valid. Even after this all passes I may even tell people, "In preparation of the next global pandemic, I am purposefully remaining single until further notice." Yeah, you're all welcome.

Hilarious tweets about dating during a pandemic| thumbnail text - Photograph - PopGunSuzie @PopGunSuzie ... Dating during covid: What color should I paint my toes for my gynecologist appointment later? 9:45 PM - Feb 1, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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