How To Find A Husband: 1950s Style

In 2012, the invention of Tinder changed the landscape of love, dating, and relationships as we know it. Gone are the days where flirting required real-life, face-to-face interaction and welcome to the age of virtual romance, where your next hook up is only one swipe away. As a woman who uses dating apps, I often feel like a small disposable fish in an endlessly big pond of younger, better looking and more heavily photoshopped fish and it's quite daunting. But was courtship really that much easier before online dating took over, or have women struggled to find good-quality men since the dawn of time? 

It seems so; a magazine article titled '129 Ways to Get a Husband' was discovered in a 1958 edition of American magazine McCall's. In what seems to be an attempt to help its readers find a husband, it lists 129 bizarre, sexist and possibly politically incorrect tips to point them in the right direction. I've decided to look into each one and see if they would work today and whether or not things have really changed all that much in dating over the past 62 years. Welcome to your weekly tip on 'How To Find A Husband: 1950s Style'. 

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