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Nanny For 'High-Profile Family' Hacks Mom’s Instagram Account, After NDA Violation

A woman posted a question on the Reddit group, Am I The A-hole, asking if she's in the wrong for hacking into her mom's Instagram account after suspecting that her mom gossiped about the "high-profile family" her daughter nannies for, to her friend. The woman explains that this was a direct violation of the NDA that her family had to sign when she started the job, which was in place to protect the family she works for. All for the sake of bragging to her friend. Upon finding out that she hacked into the account, her mom lost it, telling her daughter that she invaded her privacy. The internet jumped to the nanny's defense, whose job, reputation, and livelihood were now at risk. They claimed that her mom was manipulating the situation and gaslighting her daughter when she held her accountable for her actions.

Read the story below and see if you agree with Redditors' comments, who sympathized with her. Then, check out the last comment, where the OP explains what she will do to rectify the situation.

woman who nannies for high profile family finds out her mom violated no gossiping NDA clause | Posted by u/freetobex2 AITA hacking my moms instagram see if she violated NDA? Not hole nanny high profile family signed very extensive and strict NDA. Anyone directly involved my life, mom, dad, sis, and husband, also signed an NDA nanny family recommended this talk about job without getting into any legal trouble or putting them at risk.
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