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Female Artist Of The Week: Interview With Funny, Relatable Quarantine Cartoonist

Each week we bring you a talented female artist who produces incredible quality content and this week, we've picked Adrienne Hedger, the artist behind Hedger Humor. The Southern Californian artist's cartoons are based on "the ridiculous, dramatic and exhausting situations that make life interesting and fun", but the current quarantine life we all find ourselves in has given her a whole lot more to be creative about. Adrienne spoke to us all about how she finds inspiration for her cartoons, her creative process and how they actually help take her mind off other things. 

Once you've enjoyed a selection of her brilliant creations below, check out last week's female artist of the week in case you missed it. 

female artist quarantine cartoons illustration mom daughters husband children relatable hedger humor | Plan today: Reality: Put on exercise clothes. Get out house and exercise! Eat two cupcakes. Adrienne Hedger www.HedgerHumor.com
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