I tip my hat to you, and have a wonderful day. Where are the days where people used to talk with such dignity and respect. Now it's all MAGA this and Save the Planet that. Why not just go back to good old fashion headgear. You know, to cover that massive bald patch you pretend you don't have.


Artist Wears Huge, Colorful Food Hats Which He Crochets Himself

Did you ever wish you could wear your favorite food on your head? Yeah, me neither, but now that I've discovered the work of Phil Ferguson, I'm rethinking my stance on the matter. The Australian artist, best known as Chili Philly boasts over 130k Instagram followers and proudly shows off the incredibly detailed culinary-themed hats that he crochets himself. He started the Instagram page to make friends when he moved to Melbourne, and make friends he did. And then some! 130k to be exact! Check out his crazy crocheting skills below! 

pictures of artist who crochets food hats and wears them - cover pic pizza and burger hats
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