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'Mr. Hands Up' Instagram Account Is Weird But Wonderful

Instagram is all about standing out and finding your niche. Even if your niche is taking pictures with your hands up and making it philosophical. Which is exactly what Andrew Stoletov did when he created his account Mr. Hands Up. The account does exactly what it says on the tin, and contains pictures of Andrew with his hands up in random locations and makes his captions vaguely allude to what "hands up" means in that situation. The account already has 11.5k followers and is growing; guess that means people dig his niche! 

Weird? Yes. Wonderful? Also yes. Check out a selection of his work below. 

instagram hands up weird inspirational funny | HANDS UP IS accept yourself as you are, even if you have a fat face man with freckles drawn on his face wearing leggings on his head and holding it up man on a bus wearing a jacket and a beanie hat
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