Weird And Messed Up Posts Seen On Facebook Groups For Moms

Facebook, and the internet in general, is a big wide world of weirdos. Seriously, if you dive deep enough, you can find some things that make you question everything you thought you knew about the sanity of humankind. Actually, you don't have to dig that deep; sometimes, the weird things are right there on the surface. Like these posts found on some Facebook groups for moms. Seriously, what are these women on?!

funny posts seen on moms facebook groups | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Inked_Chick 1 year ago A whole new level of jealously right there ANONYMOUS POST Can you post? Im losing my shit and need to know if I'm trippin! So my husband has a 6 yo daughter with his ex who happens to look like a mini version of the ex. We get the kid ever other weekend and my husband is always telling her how cute she is or how beautiful or pretty! Or commenting under pictures saying "my beautiful girl" or whatever! I
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