Partners in Crime: 93-Year-Old Grandma Makes Ridiculous Videos And Fun Photoshoots With Her Grandson

Pauline Kana is badass grandma. She is 93- years- old and has very unique relations with her grandson, Ross Smith (27). It all started more than 6 years ago when, during his tenure in college, Ross began filming short videos on Vine. In one of the videos, he decided to feature his grandma blocking a basketball shot. The thing went viral and Ross realized the enormous potential. So they started doing hilarious videos and fun photoshoots together. Featured below are some of their funniest creations.

grandma and grandson dressing up, wearing matching costumes and cosplaying together | Ross and his grandma dressed as the characters from the movie up including a house tied to a bunch of balloons and another pic of grandma dressed as a football player posing with an actual professional athlete
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