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People Reveal The Moments They Realized Helping Others Is So Overrated

Everyone likes to do a good deed when they can for friends, family members, and sometimes even strangers. True altruism may not exist, but no one expects a reward for doing a good deed, at least not on the surface. Sure, it feels good to help someone in need, and a little gratitude is nice here and there, but that's not really why we do it, right? But when the person you've gone out your way to help throws it back in your face or manipulates you to get what they want, it can make you lose faith and say, "F it, I'm not helping anyone again!" Like these people who went out their way to help someone and ended up getting screwed over in the process.

people reveal their biggest 'I'm done helping others' moments | thumbnail text - superwhovianlock 2 months ago I stood by my best friend when she cried to me about her husband cheating. And he definitely was cheating. They stayed married and said they work through it. Six months later she was f :king my husband behind my back.
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