Instagram Model Raises Half A Million For Australian Bushfires By Sending Nudes

Modern problems require modern solutions! 

Meet Kaylen Ward, self-titled 'Naked Philanthropist', a hero that comes in little-to-no clothing, proving not all heroes wear capes clothes.

Kaylen Ward single-handedly raised $500,000 by offering nudes in return for donations and it worked. Really, really well. 

"Every $10 you donate = one nude picture from me to your DM. You must send me confirmation that you donated," Ms Ward tweeted on January 4th. 

Ward didn't expect the tweet to go viral, telling Buzzfeed, "I was expecting to raise maybe $1000 but the tweet blew up."

In fact, it seemed to escalate quite quickly. It has just been announced that Instagram deleted Ward's account due to their policy. Unfortunately, Ms Ward revealed there has been major consequences to going down this route... but ultimately stands proudly by her decision.

"My IG got deactivated, my family disowned me, and the guy I like won't talk to me all because of that tweet. But f**k it, save the koalas," she wrote."

instagram model nudes donation australian bushfire unlikely hero 500,000 raised amazing fires | tweet by lilearthangelk sending nudes every person who donates atleast $10 any one these fundraisers wildfires Australia. Every $10 donate one nude picture DM must send confirmation donated. Please RT #AustraliaOnFire #AustraliaFires
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