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Real But Bizarre Things For Sale On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is full of interesting and unusual things for sale. Most of the time you can find the usual household items or clothes, from people just wanting to clear out their houses. But sometimes you can come across some true gems that make you question the sanity of the person selling them. They say one man's trash is another man's treasure and these pictures couldn't be more accurate. Here are some of the weirdest things found on Facebook Marketplace for sale and we're pretty sure they'll be available for a while yet. 

bizarre facebook marketplace real trash pictures funny for sale | Girls Swap and Shop 1 hour ago Edited Edible panties. Only selling bcuz didn't know my bf didn't like licorice. Fits size large but can eat around waistband and re tie smaller. Only worn once. Like new condition. 40$ obo Like Comment 43 people like this. Trying decide if this is joke or not omg e 1 hour ago Like 6 56 OP only an hour plus sprayed febreeze on them after kind kills bacteria so 40 Likes 38 Comments 1 hour ago Like 6 2
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