Celebrities Transform If One Unique Feature Is Changed

Beauty isn't about being perfect; beauty is found in each person's uniqueness and what makes them, well, them. That goes for everyone, celebrity or not. But celebrities are under microscopic inspection from the general public regarding their physical appearance, and they are held to higher standards of beauty, which are often unrealistic. This isn't their fault necessarily; let's blame Hollywood, photoshop, and the entire beauty industry, which feeds off the insecurities of the human psyche. But that's a different discussion. For now, let's focus on photoshop, which can (scarily) change someone's whole appearance with the slightest brush of a pen. These celebrities' pictures show how different they would look like when their unique facial features are edited or removed completely. They show how much of a difference our differences make, and how our quirks make us beautiful.

photos of celebrities with one unique facial feature edited - thumbnail includes two pictures of lily collins with thin eyebrows and will smith with small ears
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