"UnSpoil Me" is a Website That Makes You Forget About Spoilers Using Hypnosis

We all know the problem of spoilers, like being revealed the end of a movie or a series, or an important element of the story like the death of a character. Through a real guided hypnosis session, which lasts about 20 minutes, the UnSpoil Me website claims to be able to make you forget spoilers by erasing this information from your memory, so you can enjoy your movie or your series in peace. Surprisingly, the UnSpoil Me website is not a joke, and it was imagined by Samsung Electronics Nordic in partnership with a famous Swedish hypnotist, Fredrik Praesto. This website offers a real session of self-hypnosis, which is pretty frightening given the ability of hypnosis to act on your subconscious. You can be tested at your own risk on the UnSpoil Me website. Via: Ufunk

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