Page Mocks Typical Instagram Users In The Most Savage Way

Instagram is an endless scroll of cliched photos: duck faces, Starbucks coffee cups, gym selfies, you name it. Making fun of them and the people who post them (mostly influencers and bloggers, but sometimes us as well), is a sport in itself and that's exactly what Satiregram does. The hilarious Instagram account is dedicated to exposing the behind-the-scenes nonsense behind the making of these picture-perfect, overdone Instagram pics that we're all guilty of taking. The mastermind behind the account is Euzcil Castaneto, who markets it as "The epitome of a typical Instagram user". Quite frankly, it's brilliant. Here are some of our favorites. 

satiregram mocking instagram satire savage epitome funny memes | an obligatory picture my boarding pass show I'm going fly somewhere.. | a picture my Keto lunch because just started new diet this week
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