Eleven Types Of Guys Women Meet At Bars

Since corona times have deeply plagued our social lives, I'm sure you have forgotten what barhopping feels like. I bet you're yearning for just one more night of sticky, beer-drenched floors, strangers' sweat intermingling with your own, and music you secretly don't like. For some inexplicable reason, I enjoy seedy nights out on the town just as much.

Perhaps if I refresh your memory of the guys you came into contact with at bars in our pre-corona lives, staying at home may just begin to sound more appealing. Cheezcake ladies: here are the reasons we should count our blessings regarding having to take a break from the bar scene.

the typical guys women meet at bars | thumbnail text - Granted, this guy is cute and charming as f*ck. If you weren't already super jaded, you would actually believe you found your prince. Alas, you've been around the block one too many times, so you're more than aware that this bar is Player Charming's local pick-up-chicks playground. You give him your number anyway — I mean, how could you resist?
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