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Describing 2020 In 5 Words To Someone Comatose Since 2016

We all know that the world is upside down right now and with access to unlimited information about the current situation, it's easy to get bogged down in endless articles about it all. But sometimes, less is more. A tweet asking people to "Describe 2020 to someone who has been in a coma since the day before the 2016 election, using only 5 words" might help you get all the information you need, in a much more concise way. Give it a try!

tweet 2020 coma patient coronavirus covid-19 coma 2016 election patient | Travis Akers @travisakers Describe 2020 someone who has been coma since day before 2016 election, using only 5 words. | Dr. Jack Brown @DrGJackBrown Replying travisakers 's plural Apocalypse?
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