Dad Celebrates Daughter's Eighth Birthday With A Mermaid Photoshoot

The photos of a dad who took part in a mermaid photoshoot with his eight-year-old daughter for her birthday have gone viral, capturing the hearts of everyone who saw them. Donned in pink and purple costumes - including mermaid tails - the pair looked like the best time creating the special memories for the little girl's birthday. Dad goals much?

Desirae Deal, the photographer who captured the event said, "I had the honor of doing a mermaid session for this sweet girl's 8th birthday, and all she wanted was for her Dad to join in on the fun. Let me tell you he did NOT disappoint! The laughs, the joy, and the memories they created were the absolute best gift he could've gave her. I have no doubt that this story, this priceless memory, will be talked about and cherished for generations to come. Take the pictures. Play with them every chance you get, for they are only little for so long." Check out the precious pictures below! 

pictures of dad and daughter doing a mermaid photoshoot for her eights birthday
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