Hard-Hitting News Sources Ranked By Hotness Of The Chief Editor

When you need to stay informed, it can be difficult to decide what sources to turn to. Who will give you accurate information? Well, I have never read a newspaper or anything at all for that matter, but I can tell you the one question I always ask to figure out whether something is trustworthy: how hot is the editor? Yes, this foolproof method will make sure you get your news from only the sexiest sources. So here is my official ranking of the hottest chief editors who will bring you the hottest gossip you can get. I assume. Again, I haven't read them.

we ranked Hard-Hitting News Sources By Hotness Of The Chief Editor | thumbnail text - Marty here looks just like my parents' friends from temple, which I assume means the Washington Post is a well-meaning if slightly misguided publication with a passion for bagels and friendly disagreement.
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