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32 Hilarious Shrek Memes

I would make a joke about Shrek, but they are too ogre-used.

Get ready to LOL. These will have you playing the soundtrack all day, plus probably going to see a marathon of all the movies! Shrek is a timeless classic that will have generations of children and adults alike howling for decades to come. Just like ogres, donkeys, evil lords, and everyday people have lots of layers to them.

Still trying to change your lot in life? Was Smashmouth your jam back in the 90s? These hilarious Shrek memes will have your brain smart as a whip, but your head dumb as a rock. Or check out a version of Shrek that have velociraptors everywhere crying foul: Jesus Shrek.

Funny Shrek memes for the rest of us. | Person - 's s hideous Well 3 not very nice s just donkey. totonut: shrek is god self confidence
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