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People Tell Their Remarkable 'Butterfly Effect' Stories

The 'butterfly effect' is a well-known metaphor derived from the original question, "Does the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?" It is to describe the phenomenon that small causes, events or incidents can have meaningful and consequential effects. Life is full of these moments, which are often only realized long after the event has happened. Whether you believe in God, fate, or coincidence, some things defy logic or explanation. Redditers shared some of their lifechanging and phenomenal 'butterfly effect' stories, and honestly, they're giving me chills. What are your crazy 'butterfly effect' stories?

people tell 'butterfly effect' stories - cover pic story about pregnat woman not getting on bus which fell off cliff | ImaginaryxDoll 23.7k points 1 year ago S Pregnant cousin usually takes bus at around 5:10pm after work. She about hop inside bus but she needed pee really badly and commute is about an hour long so she decided go restroom instead and just catch next bus 5:10 bus ended up falling cliff.
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