Dating Nightmares: Seven Times a Date Was a TOTAL Stage 5 Clinger

With the myriad of personalities out there in the dating world, one is likely to encounter the ubiquitous stage-5 clinger. A stage-5 clinger is a person who is likely to become overly attached, overly fast. After one date they are already planning your wedding or can lose their shit if their text isn't replied to in what they deem a timely manner. We receive many stories of these bothersome specimens in particular, so here is a list of 7 times a date was a complete stage-5 clinger, compliments of The Single Society!

Seven Times a Date Was a TOTAL Stage 5 Clinger | thumbnail image of man and woman text - let's talk about my ovaries "An hour into the evening she shared with me how she wasn't to waste time and that she wanted to get her eggs/hormones checked out. If I was interested in seeing her again. I'd have to get mg sperm count checked.
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