Introducing Male Characters Like Male Screenwriters Describe Women: Twitter Thread

For too long, both in Hollywood and literature, women have often been merely supporting characters for men. As part of the territory, writers go to great lengths in describing the woman's physical appearance, focusing on their beauty (or lack thereof). But what if the tables were turned, and male characters received the same treatment as their female counterparts? What if writers began using equally shallow means to describe male protagonists, focussing solely on their physical appearances? A hilarious Twitter thread asking people to "Introduce a male character the way male screenwriters describe women," has got people doing precisely that, and the results are hilarious! Hollywood, watch out!

funny tweets introducing male characters the way male screenwriters describe women - cover pic funny tweet describing male character | Shaula Evans @ShaulaEvans Replying jelenawoehr and @becauseivy BOBBY HARDWOOD (23 boy next door, handsome but doesn't know jiggles perkily down stairs despite his XL-cup jockstrap. His perfect, chiseled, well-oiled, otherwise naked body glistens. He grins at MS PROTAGONIST, knowing her insults are really coded flirtation.
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