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A Parody Of This Week's Top Celebrity News (December 7, 2020)

Welcome to this week's top satirical celebrity news. Each week, together with Mock Diaries, we bring you the latest celeb gossip you need to know, but with a twist. We know how much everyone loves to mock their favorite (and worst) celebs, so we bring you a parody version of what's really going on with them. It's like a celeb roast served on a plate right to your door. This week, the Royals go through some personal 'struggles' if you can call it that, and Katy Perry's motherhood journey gets discussed. And a whole lot more, in this week's Weekly Diary.

satirical weekly diary of top celebrity news | thumbnail Text - A palace staffer was caught selling stolen photos of Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Prince William on eBay. Weekly Roundup of What Happened This Week To Your Fave Celebs-and The Ones You Hate Too MOCK 1 DIARIES Prince Charles was reportedly left wondering why the staffer didn't try to sell pictures of him too.
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