My Dating Nightmare: The Cappuccino Cheapskate

No one likes a cheapskate, but unfortunately, there seems to be a plethora of penny pinchers in the modern dating scene. Don't get us wrong, dating can get expensive and frugality is certainly an admirable attribute, but when someone goes to unusually great lengths to save a buck it can be somewhat...strange. But alas! These tightwads make for some of the most entertaining bad date stories and we have teamed up with The Single Society to share them with the masses. If YOU have a great story, please share it HERE for a chance to be featured!

awkward dating nightmare of guy who was a total cheapskate - thumbnail includes pop art pic of woman holding coffee text - if you can't afford coffee, you can't afford this W.A.P | Jeff suggested we meet at one particular establishment you may or may not have heard of. Starbucks.
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