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Funny Tweets About The Special Skills Parents Develop By Mistake

Parenting is an all-encompassing job. When you have kids, you somehow turn into a maid, a doctor, a nurse, a chef, an electrician a therapist, and a teacher overnight, all without a pay rise. But with your new and improved 'job' description, you pick up a bunch of skills that you wouldn't otherwise have learned. From knowing when the perfect time to throw away the flower your child picked for you, or how to shorten picture stories, the skills parents develop by mistake are useless in all other scenarios. These hilarious tweets from parents about the skills they picked up might just hit close to him if you have some little ones of your own. 

funny skills that parents picked up by mistake (twitter thread) | thumbnail text - SpacedMom @copymama ... There are certain instinctive mom skills that can't be taught. Like sensing exactly how long you have to hold on to a dandelion your kid picked for you before it's safe to discreetly toss it aside. 5:22 PM · Jun 8, 2019 · Twitter Web Client
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