Funny Birth Control Tweets To Laugh The Breakouts Away

Birth control is, without a doubt, one of the best things to come out of modern medicine. Women can choose from so many options to prevent pregnancy and heavy, painful periods, including caps, diaphragms, the pill, implant, patches, and IUD, to name just a few. And until a male birth control pill is invented, men will continue complaining about wearing condoms, oblivious to all the hormones women ingest instead of them. Seriously men, do you have any idea the emotional toll that birth control can have on a person? Probably not. Anyway, if you're a woman who takes birth control of any kind, then you'll relate to these tweets in a bittersweet way. Hopefully, the hormones won't get to you before the humor!

funny birth control tweets | thumbnail Text - Molly Priddy O @mollypriddy women: *grow up knowing sex is their responsibility, take birth control pills that mess up their bodies, get incredibly painful IUDS, avoid dark areas at night and problem men, all to avoid getting pregnant before they want* men: "ugh she wanted me to wear a condom"
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