brawl in the family


People Reveal Why They Dumped Someone Because Of Their Crazy Family

A big part of dating someone is getting to know their family. Because if you end up marrying them, they will inevitably become your family too. No one wants to take on a crazy family, especially if you already have one of your own, but what happens when your partner's family only shows their wild side once it's too late? It's hard to walk away from someone you love because of their family, but everyone has their limit. These Redditers shared their stories of breaking up with someone they loved because their family was nuts and some of them are wild!

people reveal reasons why they had to dump someone because of their crazy family | thumbnail text - "Ex’s mom heavily recruited me to join her cult where you bow down — literally prostrate like head to the floor kind of thing — to a “guru” and donate $$ money monthly to fund this guru’s lavish lifestyle. Even my ex knew she was nuts but wasn’t willing to stand up to her."
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