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13 Photos That Prove Bookstore Employees are Truly Creative When Bored

Sometimes when you are just so bored and can't take it anymore... you create something amazing! And it's no different for bookstore employees! 

It all started in Bordeaux, France where a little book store is not a viral sensation thats to their very clever idea... and Instagram!  The bookstore called, Librairie Mollat is well-known for its ongoing photo series called "Book Face". What is it exactly you may ask...

Demilked says that Book Face is based on a technique called "trompe l'oeil (deceive the eye) and its main goal is to use realistic images to create an optical illusion that the image you see exists in three dimensions." Or in other terms, Finding the perfect book to match the person and have it come to life! 

What's incredibly impressive is that they already have 52k followers on Instagram, oh and that this "little" is actually a first independent bookstore in France and they first opened their doors 122 years ago! Now that is quite impressive! 

More info?: Instagram  (h/t Demilked)

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