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Vintage Beauty Pageant Queens Of The Food Industry

I think it's safe to say that the concept of beauty pageants is somewhat outdated, at least in their original format of judging and ranking contestants' physical attributes only. But nestled among the beauty pageants of old are the lesser-known vintage food-themed contests, which saw women's beauty celebrated alongside various produce. From Miss Idaho Potato, 1935 to Donut Queen, 1951, here is the only beauty pageant I will endorse. Mixing food with fashion is something I will always support, and celebrating food, in general, is a worthy endeavor. So scroll through these bizarre pictures of the food industry's beauty queens and be as baffled but amazed as I am at their splendor.

vintage pictures of beauty pageant queens of the food industry | thumbnail includes two images Text - BLUEBERRY QUEEN, 1955, SAUSAGE QUEEN, 1955
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