My Dating Nightmare: The Bible Beater Cheater

Dating is like starving in a grocery store. There are plenty of options but you'd rather f*cking die. We have teamed up with dating blog The Single Society to share all the curious incidents and cautionary tales of finding love in this digital dating era. Like this a**hole! Read about one woman's unfortunate experience with a Bible-beating hypocrite. If you have a bad date story of your own, submit it here to be featured on our site. 

bad dating stories about man who was a bible-beater cheater | thumbnail includes pop art graphic man woman Text - DIVORCED WOMEN HAVE TOO MUCH BAGGAGE MY CHILDREN WILL NEVER DIVORCE | "Jack said he had two daughters, and he would be devastated if they were to separate from their future husbands as it wchlld go against the teachings in the Bible and how it would 'cheating' his faith in a sense. Yes. TWO
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