My Dating Nightmare: Pushy Guy Who Couldn't Manage His Sexpectations

Some dudes just don't f*cking get it. Like this one who has absolutely no idea what boundaries are! Bad dates make great stories and we teamed up with The Single Society to bring you all the hilarious debauchery the modern dating world has to offer. If you have a hilariously bad date story, share it here for a chance to be featured. 

bad date story about a guy who assumed a woman would have sex because they kissed | thumbnail includes pop art image of man Text - Kissing means we are definitely having sex l made it clear that although we were making out (fully clothed) on his couch, I don't know where he got the notion that I wanted to have sex, and suggested he put his clothes back on. You should probably go. Thanks for wasting my time, Karl said, fixated on the basketball highlights
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