Mom Creates 'Hiring Board' With Open Positions For Kids To Earn Money

This moms allowance method for her kids is serious mom goals and weren't totally not surprised that it went viral. 

Meet Shaketha Marion McGregor, a single mother of three (Jahkeem, 13, Takeia, 10, and Serinity, 6), who has a unique system when it comes to getting things done around the house! A system in which she creates all the household jobs that are in need of hiring, and lists them as 'open positions'. There's even a resume and interview process!

This mom has thought things through! With a hiring board that's filled with open positions the kids could apply for, they fill out their resumes (including how much they want to be paid for the position), and then have to ace that interview with the boss (aka mom).

This is simply brilliant for so many reasons. Instead of handing out allowance due to constant nagging from her kids, McGregor is insisting life-long lessons in the value of money, and how the real world works. 

In an interview with Today, McGregor shared insight to her process, "One of the things I asked was, 'When can you start?' Serinity said she could start right away and my 13-year-old needed a few days because he wanted to hang out with his friends. She was far more professional."

She also added that Jahkeem, her son, had some excellent and important questions, "He wanted to know if I was taking out taxes and how much."

And her 10-year-old, Takeia, took a different route during the interview process, she spoke with an "exaggerated British accent" during her interview. "I think she thought it made her sound more polished and desirable," McGregor said. "She really thought it would help her."

Honestly, this looks like something all future parents should practice at home and we, personally, wish that we had this invaluable experience when we were growing up. Then, maybe we would've aced a lot more of those resumes and interviews.

All in all, this mom is killing it. You can follow McGregor at This Mom Means Business Inc.

Story via Today

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