Guy Politely Rejects Girl On Tinder, She Has Aggressive Meltdown

Much like approaching someone in a bar, dating apps leave you vulnerable to all sorts of rejection. Whether the person you've matched with straight-up ignores your messages, or they reply politely telling you that they're not interested, unfortunately, it's all part of the dating game. One girl on Tinder, however, clearly doesn't understand the rules, and upon being explained to politely by a guy she had matched with that he had met someone else, she lost her mind and went totally berserk. Check out how calmly he manages the situation and how 

pictures of conversation between guy who rejects girl on tinder who has a massive meltdown | Hey 31 May 2016 Good morning hope u have great day! 1 June 2016 Do u not wanna talk Good morning Hi Samantha, sorry started seeing someone around time matched don't want lead on yesterday Oh 's cool so sorry messaged u mean would love get know u sometime sorry wasn't worth | Psh only reason why people match with u is cuz ur good looking if u weren't then prob no one would match with u Oh wait lol prob ug
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