People Reveal Aftermath Of Friends Turning Them On By Mistake

Some say that there is no such thing as vvvv between males and females; one person in the relationship will always think of the other more romantically than just a friend. And that may be true, but usually, if you are in that unfortunate position, you'll likely keep those feelings to yourself, at the risk of being rejected and ruining the friendship. But what happens when your friend turns you on accidentally when you know you have a crush on them? Alternatively, what happens if your friend turns you on, but you've never previously had feelings for them? Redditers reveal what happened to them after a friend turned them on by mistake, and spoiler alert, some of the endings are super heartwarming! Others are super cringe-worthy.

People reveal what happened after their friend turned them on by mistake | thumbnail Text - davidjschloss 1.7k points · 3 days ago I came back from freshman year college to visit high school and walked into the auditorium, where an incredibly cute girl I was friends with saw me, stopped what she was doing and literally ran up the aisle and jumped into my arms to hug me. Plot twist: married 26 years and have a son.
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