Amazingly Cringe-Worthy Male Underwear Ads From The 1970s

Fashion changes over the years, and sometimes we look back at things that were fashionable back in the day, and we blush at how bad they looked. It's crazy how much our perception of what is cool and acceptable is based on what society dictates it to be. Take a look through these ridiculous male underwear ads from the 1970s, and you'll see how my point is proven repeatedly.

cringe-worthy pictures from male underwear ads from the 1970s | amazing little takes change man. Wolsey Just new pair pants can give man new lease life. So our range can cheer him up lots different ways. Adam briefs and Boxer shorts are available wide range colours. X briefs with singlets: cotton rib Blue or White and Insulair White. Other Wolsey styles frorn about 8 offer more.
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