Florists Reveal Worst Card Messages They've Had To Deliver With Flowers

Flowers are the perfect gesture for almost any occasion. Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, the birth of a new baby, or to offer condolences, flowers are the easiest gift to send someone. Of course, the essential part of your floral delivery is the card, which expresses the sentiment with which you sent the flowers, and is usually left to the florist to write out. Typically, the messages read, "I love you," "I'm sorry for your loss," or "congratulations". But other times, they reveal the downright awkward and messy situations that people get themselves into. Reddit asked florists to reveal the most outrageous card messages they've had to deliver with flowers, and they are genuinely shocking and reveal the messy details of some people's lives!

funny messages florists had to write on cards with flowers - reddit post sorry I knocked up your friend | xelo_pyke 808 points 10 hours ago My fiancee is florist. She often sends ridiculous messages she's been asked attach flower orders. My personal favorite so far Sorry knocked up friend David."
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